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Декоративные подушки

 Knockoff Delancey Felt Petal Pillow from Horchow


Horchow sells this pillow for $145.00! I thought it was beautiful but unaffordable so I decided to make a knockoff and share the tutorial with you! 

A free printable pattern for the flower pieces can be downloadedhere.

To make the petals, I cut 1 inch wide strips of felt, cut the long strip into pieces slightly bigger than the petal pattern piece and then cut out the petals. I did not count how many pieces I needed, but it is a big stack! You can cut more as you go!

Lay the petals around the circle and sew them on. Make 4 layers of petals this way.

Sew a few stitches by hand to give the top petals shape and attach them to the center of the flower by hand stitching it.

Now, for the pillow, cut 1-14x14 inch square and 2-9x14 inch rectangles of the felt. I also cut 1-14x14 inch square and 2-9x14 inch rectangles of lace to add some texture to the pillow.

Stack a 9x14 inch felt piece and a lace piece and hem one of the 14 inch sides. Then, do the same with the other 9x14 inch pieces.

Now layer felt, lace, lace, felt and overlap the 2 back pieces as shown in the picture above and pin it in place. Then, sew around the outside of the fabric pieces and turn the pillow cover right-side-out.

1. Hot glue flower bases on pillow, close to each other so petals can overlap.

2. There are 4 open spaces in the center of the pillow between the flowers.

3. Cut out more of the top petals and sew 2 of the together.

4. Hot glue the top petal pairs into the 4 spaces.

Stuff pillow with your choice of filling or a pillow form.

Thanks for checking out my tutorial and I hope to see you soon at

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